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Frequently Asked Questions



What if the product is out of warranty?

1. If your product is out of warranty, we can still help! Bring your product into us or give our customer service team a call to arrange collection and we'll provide you with a quote for our diagnosis fee. Upon receipt of payment of our quoted diagnosis fee, we will take your item away to carry out our expert repair work.

2. If you can provide any information about the nature of the fault, it will help our team to get your item back to you as fast as possible.

3. Once we have your product, one of our fully qualified technicians will inspect the product and provide an expert diagnosis of the fault. We will then prepare a written quote for the repair work required, including an itemised breakdown of the costs of any necessary parts and labour.

4. Once you've considered our quote and are happy (we're confident you will be!) we'll take care of everything else, from ordering the necessary parts to carrying out the repair work and thorough testing. When we're happy the item is fully repaired and in perfect working condition, we'll contact you to arrange its return. The quote fee already paid will be deducted from the total cost of the repair and the balance will be payable upon completion.

5. In the unlikely event that you decide not to proceed with the repair, we regret that we cannot refund the diagnosis quote fee as this is designed to cover the cost of our diagnostic tests of the fault and the written quote for the repair.


What if my product is under extended warranty?

1. Where you have a faulty product that is covered by an extended warranty, customers should lodge a warranty claim directly with the warranty provider.

2. The extended warranty company will then contact us and provide us with a claim number that authorises us to proceed with the repair of your product.

3. Once the administration is sorted, simply bring in your item, or arrange for us to collect it and we will undertake the repair work under the terms of your extended warranty.

4. When our repair work is complete, we'll contact you to arrange its return!

Note: Some extended warranty's offer a once only replacement of the unit rather than repair. Keep this in mind if you are considering a replacement over a repair.

  • If the unit is under three years old, replacing it with a new item will not be an optimal choice as you will need to purchase an additional warranty for the replacement, and most of the time the replacement unit will need to be reinstalled at your expense. Not much would have changed in the features of your device to justify an upgrade (at your cost).  
  • Repair, pick up, and re installation are free to you. This is all covered by the warranty company
  • If the unit is fours years old you may want to think about getting it replaced, however take into consideration the cost of installation and additional warranty.


What if my product is under manufacturer's warranty?

1. Simply bring your product in, or arrange with our friendly customer service team to have your product collected.  On collection we will require a store receipt or proof of purchase including the date of purchase, and let us know some details about the fault.

2. We will then contact the manufacturer and repair your product under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. It's important to note that some manufacturers may require you to inform them that you have chosen Sunland TV Service as your service provider, in which case an authorisation number will be provided to us.

3. Once the repair is completed and we're happy that the product is in perfect working order, we'll contact you to arrange a return, and then you're free to enjoy your equipment once again!

Note:The warranty company usually covers pick up, delivery and basic re installation. If you have had your TV mounted on the wall, removal and installation is not covered by the warranty.

We often assist with this service as a courtesy, but if you can't help, the unit is too big and requires two people or it is a complex installation, charges will apply. This can be from $88.00 to $110.00 each visit. (Please call us to discuss)


How do I retune my TV?

This can be a simple process, find the button marked "home", "menu" or "function". Select "digital tuning" and fallow the prompts.

The manufactures will usually have instruction manuals on they website available for download if you cannot work it out.

If you are unable to retune your TV successfully, please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to assist. If all else fails we can arrange a service call to come out and tune your TV for you.  


Is my TV worth fixing?

This is the most frequently asked question.

It depends on the age, value, brand  and the fault. I read on a website not long-ago a ridiculous statement, "never fix your TV if it cost more than $150.00". This is not the case.

If you have purchased a budget TV and it has broken down after three years, you have done well. It may be worth buying a new TV if it has a major fault, unless the fault is something simple. It would be best to speak to our friendly team first regarding the fault.

However, if you have purchased a quality TV (over $1000.00) and it is under five years old, repairs are definitely worth considering or at the very least, invest on an investigation to find out what the problem is. Most of the times the repair cost is under 30% of the purchase cost. 

If the TV is over five years old and you have been happy with the performance of the unit, have it inspected. The repair cost may be significantly less than the replacement cost. However, we may encounter a common problem when a unit is over five years old, manufactures no longer stock frequently used parts and the unit may not be repairable. Although in many cases some second hand parts may be available.


How can I save money on my repair?

The best way to save money and minimize repair cost is for you to bring it in to our workshop. By doing this you will save on collection and delivery costs.


I have broken the screen on my TV

Broken / cracked screens will cost as much as a new TV to replace. If you have home insurance you may be able to claim on your home contents. A report from a repairer may be required for your insurance company. Please note there is an assessment fee of $154.00 payable for insurance quotes, however this will more often than not be refunded by your insurance company. Please confirm this with them first as some companies may differ.


Can My TV be fixed in the house?

With today's technology, TV electronic malfunctions are not economical to be performed in the home. It will cost about 25% more than workshop repairs.


How long will it take to repair my unit?

In most cases the turnaround time is under five working days, however this can vary depending on the manufacturer in which the parts are being obtained.


Can I get a loan TV while my TV is getting fixed?

If your repair has been delayed by spare parts supply and repair cannot be completed within ten days, we may arrange for a loan TV to be provided. We have limited stock, conditions and charges apply. 


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